Briefs of Jiang Su Pet Clinics Association
     More and mores pets, mostly dogs and cats, are coming into our life and brings us so many happiness, passions and soul mates. And there are more pet clinics. According to the statistics, the market of Mainland China has reached RMB 15 billon Yuan with an increase of 15% every year. There are millions of pets in Jiang Su, from the developed south area to the less developed middle and north area. And there comes more pet veterinarians. There are more than 500 pet clinics and more than 5000 veterinarians in Jiang Su. The diagnostic and treatment has been continuously improving and the scale of the clinics has been ever growing.
       Jiang Su Pet Clinics Association (the former Jiang Su Pet Veterinarian Club) was founded in May, 2006. The club has done a lot of works, including pet diseases lectures, training courses and academic communications. The club has also published 9 editions of Pet Veterinarian. It successfully hold the 2nd Pet Clinical Veterinarian Conference in Nanjing in May,2010.
       And the association was found in Sept, 2010, Lai xiao yun as the Chairman, Lu jing gang as the Secretary General.
       The association is an united organization engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of pet diseases, scientific research, teaching and management. It is a non profitable social group with independent legal personality.
       The Association provides coordination, consultation, services of the pet industry.It protects the lawful interests of the members and association and push forward the healthy development of the industry.